I have always been fortunate to be supported in my professional work by my secret weapons. My multi-talented family has been part of the firm since the beginning, when my wife and partner Mary Wainman and I started our first firm 35 years ago. We were joined in the 90’s by our then coming-of-age daughters, Brandy Gabourie and Lisa Taylor, and each in her own way has continued to be a powerful asset, enhancing our services to our clients through a wide variety of skills and abilities. I haven’t confirmed this, but Net-L3 might just be the only three generation consulting firm in the country with the more recent addition to the team of our grandson Nathan Stuart, again multi-skilled and an emerging auteur filmmaker in his own right.

In parallel with her continuing services as a member of many of our consulting project teams, including all our recent work in Saskatchewan, Lisa has taken several entrepreneurial steps of her own, beginning about 14 years ago by creating and building her own firm Ribbet Inc. Combining her unique blend of knowledge and experience in three domains – fine arts; business and marketing; and, media and technology – Lisa has gone on to develop and lead a highly qualified team of her own, and more recently has established a well-equipped multi-media production studio in downtown Toronto.


Check out Ribbetinc.com here. You will quickly discover the secret to how Net-L3 has been able to bring to its clients the best in written and visual communications, the most diverse technological solutions, and the most creative and exciting media tools.