"Good and bad, I defined these terms. Quite clear, no doubt, somehow. Ahh, but I was so much older then. I’m younger than that now.”

Bob Dylan … from My Back Pages

Throughout my 35-year career as an advisor and educator, I have always approached my work from the perspective of a performing artist. Sure, I do like the stage, so there’s that. But more than that, there can be a lot of social science and learning theory involved in this line of work. And let’s face it, on its own that stuff can get pretty dry and humourless.

To me, it has always been the art of the thing that matters most.

Norm Taylor, 2014



Featured here are links to some of my favourite pieces of past work, selected from among the few that have seen the full light of day. With the odd exception, the work my team and I are asked to do for my clients rarely appears in any public forum due the usually private nature of their business and our contributions to it. Once in a while, the work itself goes public, and sometimes, we’re even fortunate enough to receive some attribution.

Spanning almost 20 years, each of these three selections above, and the one below, captured a lot of attention well beyond the principal client organizations involved. More importantly, each had an enduring influence on a broad community of interests.

th-toronto th-moose th-cacp


“The group spoke of wanting to blanket the province with a reliable yet unobtrusive safety net, one which could provide universally predictable levels of assurance to all communities while still permitting local authorities to make decisions and expenditures in accordance with local will.”

“If two important measures of the soundness of a concept are the ease with which it gains consensus among a diverse body of interests, and how well the concept endures under examination by others outside the originating group, the concept which emerged from Saskatchewan’s Public Safety Review Committee (PSRC) deliberations certainly met that test. Once the interests, needs, concerns and constraints of the assembled stakeholders had received thorough study, it became readily apparent to an expanding group of participants that the province, its communities, and its emergency service providers require a Public Safety System which is simultaneously anchored in local determination yet fully integrated province-wide. In this, the most significant breakthrough came with the full group’s recognition that these are not mutually exclusive conditions.”

N. Taylor (2009)

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Above and below are some of my less public selections. These include work that was published to limited internal client audiences, and in some cases, they feature breakthrough concepts and models that went on to be adapted for multiple client organizations over many years. Some are included strictly because after many years, they still stand out for their impact on my own learning and development as a professional.

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