"… long-held definitions of crime, poverty and addiction—to name a few … led to institutional silos that protected and promoted certain definitions of social problems. The Hub model implemented in Prince Albert … supported heavily by the Government of Saskatchewan … has opened the door for innovative thinking, collective problem-solving and relationship-building among different human service professionals. In addition to collaboration, the focus on risk has brought added value to human service efforts … [and] … an emphasis on direct, multi-faceted intervention has increased client access to a variety of services and supports. Ultimately, these changes represent a total paradigm shift in public safety and wellness."

An Except from Dr. Chad Nilson, A Preliminary Impact Assessment on the Prince Albert Hub, 2014



There are now several highly knowledgeable architects and innovators who have been involved in the early proving stages of these new and promising models of community safety. As interest in emulating and adapting their early experience continues to grow across Canada, into the US, and beyond, so too does the need to make the right connections.

Net-L3 is excited to have been part of this movement from the start. Through the Global Network Project, we are doing what we can to ensure that interested communities can access the expertise they need, while also ensuring that new applications of these methodologies remain closely aligned with the necessary experience and evidence that will support continued program fidelity and responsible practice.



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“I was pleased to have been invited to speak at the Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association annual conference in Philadelphia, July 2014. As our pending, chartered relationship with Penn State University continues to take shape, we are pleased to offer the following initial resources to address the immediate information needs of interested communities in the USA.”

Norm Taylor


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