“We cannot live the afternoon of life according to the program of life’s morning For what was great in the morning will be little at evening, and What in the morning was true … will at evening have become a lie.”

Carl Gustav Jung (1933)

I have never been fond of the term Consultant. It too often conjures images of slick operators pushing recycled ideas. It has been my experience that no two individual, organizational, systemic or community challenges are ever the same, and it is ultimately a disservice to try and apply stock methods and models to their solutions.

I adopted the style name Net-L3.com several years ago to reflect my commitment to Life-long Learning. There is no situation that we cannot learn our way through. We can learn as individuals. We can learn in groups. And sometimes, we can break established patterns, and learn entirely new ways forward as a society.

My advisory services are primarily suited for decision-makers and influencers, and they are always delivered from this perspective.


In 2012, Norm was awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal on nomination from the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police in recognition of his contributions to policing over the previous decade.


On completing his Masters degree in adult education in 2008, Athabasca University Chair Joy Romano presented Norm with the Governor General of Canada’s Gold Medal for Academic Achievement in Graduate Studies. He also received the AU Governing Council’s Convocation Scholarship Award, and later that year was awarded the Excellence in Research Scholarship for his original work examining the unique dimensions of adult learners in middle life.

Several of my recent projects and current areas of focus are highlighted in the home page window. It is my hope that these examples might showcase both some common themes and some diversity in the many breakthroughs of which my clients and I are most proud.

If you are trying to change the world around you, I would be delighted to listen … and to help wherever I might be of value to advancing your goals. Drop me a line. The first conversation is always free.