I have been intrigued by the potential of online learning for decades, since our early work with universities in the 80’s. Teaching online through the Ontario Learn portal and then completing my own graduate studies through distance education at AU opened me up to many new possibilities. We launched our own dedicated Moodle environment, Net-eLearning.com in 2008, and since that time we have built and operated a wide range of customized learning, research, and information exchange forums for a number of our clients, just some of whom are shown below.

All things considered, I would have to confess that I am still a fan of hybrid learning models, where the e-Learning interface is just one component of a more complete learning experience. This is the approach we have used to considerable success with the The CACP Executive Global Studies Program, and it is the one we are currently building upon to support the growing uptake of collaborative, risk-driven community safety models, which includes a series of hybrid training programs for participants at Hubs and Situation Tables. Through the Global Network Project, we are now delivering this ever evolving series to a number of adopting communities.  For information, please see The Global Network Introduces the Hub-Situation Table e-Learning Series.

Whether you require a single course, or would like our assistance as you create and experiment with your own e-Learning curriculum, we can help. here to learn more about our e-Learning design, delivery and administrative support services.

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