I have been granted the privilege of designing and moderating major conference events, interactive and lively Town Hall and Bear Pit sessions, and topical speaking engagements for many years and on a wide range of subjects and themes. I approach each of these as an opportunity to effect real change. To me, it is never enough to bring 200 people into a great hall and have them passively absorb an endless series of slides and voices that they could just as easily read in the comfort of their own office. The best events invoke a sort of alchemy … where everyone’s knowledge and experience is allowed to blend with new ideas, with the result being new learning and new courses of action for all.

We meet in many hallways … it is up to us to collaborate.

International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) 2014 - Chief Executive Track Presentation

The Saskatchewan Breakthroughs in Community Safety

October 27, 2014 in Orlando, Fla.

Dale McFee (former Chief of the Prince Albert police, now the serving Deputy Minister of Justice, and Past-president of the CACP) and Norm Taylor (Saskatchewan Future of Policing consultant and a senior ministry advisor) will trace the arc of these innovations from rising levels of violence in the province's marginalized communities, to the mobilization of multi-sector agencies to reduce the imminent risk factors that lead to crime and disorder, and to the dramatic crime reductions and social improvements being achieved. They will also invoke economic analyses to demonstrate the impact of these risk-driven methods on the costs of policing and other human services such as health, mental health, child protection and education. In addition, the session will feature updates from two US Police Leaders who are working to apply these emerging models in their own communities. Outgoing President of the Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association, Chief Tom King of State College, PA, and incoming President Chief William Kelly of Abington, PA, will outline their early experience to date with mobilizing their multi-sector partners into these collaborative, risk-driven approaches to community safety.

February 17-19, Delta Meadowvale Inn, Toronto

Building upon the highly successful March 2014 conference, BALANCING INDIVIDUAL SAFETY, COMMUNITY SAFETY AND QUALITY OF LIFE: IMPROVING OUTCOMES FOR PERSONS WITH MENTAL ILLNESS, Norm Taylor will again chair the Planning Committee and serve as Lead Moderator for another watershed event presented jointly by the Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC) and the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP). More details on the conference will be posted here soon.