A kid from east-end Toronto, and now a guy from Oshawa and a sometimes denizen of South Beach Miami. A proud husband, father and grandfather. A Canadian who cares deeply about the current and future state of things locally and globally. A man who believes children should learn to appreciate the arts, history, and the whole world around them … so they might know more than how to be a worker, toiling for someone else’s dreams.

A perpetual student who believes that learning should never end.

“… it is not so much what happens to people but how they interpret and explain what happens to them that determines their actions, their hopes, their contentment and emotional well-being, and their performance … Knowledge only exists in our ability to construe and reconstrue the meaning of an experience in our own terms.”

Adapted from Jack Mezirow (1991) in Transformative Dimensions of Adult Learning


For over 35 years I have served as an advisor and educator … it’s all I have really ever done, and I am grateful to those who seek and sometimes apply my thoughts. There is nothing more satisfying to me than to see others break through the barriers that have limited their achievements. Some barriers are our own, and learning can be a powerful solution. Many barriers are erected around us by others, and by the structures and habits of our times. These are the ones that make the most satisfying sound when we make them fall, together.